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Business Process Management

Achieve greater success with your BPM projects

Business Process Management or BPM has been defined as an activity performed by an organization to improve its processes. BPM is accomplished by aligning processes with strategic goals, applying automation (e.g. workflow) and establishing process measures to keep the new process in line with organizational goals.

At SilverRoad Solutions we believe that the foundation for any successful BPM project is to focus on the process first, not automation first.

Although BPM may use automated tools it is not meant to be a substitute for process improvement. Significant productivity gains are the result of understanding the end-to-end process prior to implementing software. An automated but inefficient system is the reason for many of the complaints about today’s most popular software solutions.

We believe the most successful implementations focus on improving your processes through a combination of streamlining the activity, incorporating Best Practices, leveraging the technology and providing the appropriate training.

How We Can Help

Our arms length relationship with software vendors provide us with the objectivity to do what’s in your best interests, not theirs. We assist organizations in realizing the full potential of their automated solutions.

Our services can significantly improve the results you achieve with your new software solution by:

  • Increasing the ROI of the System
  • Compressing Cycle Time
  • Providing More Accurate Information
  • Lowering Transaction Processing Costs
  • Improving Self-Service
  • Improving Automation Acceptance
  • Reducing Errors
  • Accelerating Responsiveness
  • Reducing Customer / Vendor Inquiries
  • Providing Ongoing Support for Continuous Process Improvement

Our solutions incorporate the appropriate level of internal controls and are Sarbanes-Oxley compliant.

Our Approach

There is no "one size fits all when it comes to BPM". The challenge is to find the right solution for your individual situation. Our projects are successful because we know how to marry people and process with technology while simultaneously applying the appropriate Best Practices. To learn more about Business Process Management or any other SilverRoad Solutions service please contact us at or by calling (973) 722-9304.

Our services are objective and independent. We are not a software provider nor do we perform software implementations.